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Out of the Moment

by Emily Bezar

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Sven B. Schreiber (sbs)
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) thumbnail
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) 77 minutes of pure delight - a brilliant singer-songwriter album, leaving nothing to be desired. Emily Bezar creates her own unique art in music that easily outdistances many so-called progressive artists. I'm indebted (once again) to Alan Benjamin of "Advent" for pointing me to a stunning artist I didn't know before, but who has immediatly become one of my favorites. There are still more jewels to be found in Emily Bezar's back catalog... Favorite track: Frontier.
Brian Grosjean
Brian Grosjean thumbnail
Brian Grosjean A step onward from her previous releases. The excellent band members contribute to add a welcome density. I never get tired of her voice. Favorite track: Out of the Moment.
olivibes thumbnail
olivibes These are not simple songs. It's significant music. It's bewitching, it's ethereal, yet intricate, and though it seems to flow you won't sing it easily in the shower. It's unique. It's Bezar, and it deserves a wider recognition.
ethereallad thumbnail
ethereallad Emily Bezar is a "triple threat." She has a beautiful, operatic voice, is a talented keyboardist, and composes intricate songs. The songs in this particular cycle draw on jazz, electronica, rock and classical in inventive ways; the pieces are chimerical, neither fish nor fowl. Bezar's confessional lyrics are full of clever wordplay and haunting sometimes obscure imagery. Bezar writes the best love song lyrics, exploring both the giddiness of new Romance and the thornier aspects of relationships.
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light falls on the rolling field fragrant nights and stolen days yeah I know in the circle of one lifetime the radius changes we are in we are up and down and round again ​and should fate leave us here again in this broad land free to breathe, unweighed I will know by the way you take the evening and wrap it around me I will know you by the way you put my soul on display ​take the longest way around the mountain there’s no shame in passing up the climb we’ll roll love out into the gentle valley rest at the edge of time ​my silence is like mortar now a foundation for some eternal building if I take you everywhere I go from here there will be no lines or points for our path to betray take the longest way… ​all this stays life is a show of come and go again and I love the ways I will remember this remember this, remember this when I’m all the way around the mountain and I’m all the way around the longest way take the longest way…
Motherlode 06:01
cold in summertime inside this new gold mine deep into earth we go bed of rock unknown below crumbled walls ‘round me where strong iron used to be beautiful mineral show melt me in this fluid glow let’s go up to the motherlode and pulverize these veins I’ve got a full head and an empty heart and a cabin full of grain how were you to know you’d aim for the forest fall into my flames? I’d burn it down I’d burn it down again I’d burn it down again just to feel your hot hot rain ​may your strong and steady hand guide us through the caves in this last deep stand our bounty still to grow you said this spring would ever flow let’s go up to the motherlode and pulverize these veins I’ve got some black art and a secret code and a tragic, magic brain how were you to know you’d aim for the forest, fall into my flames? I’d burn it down… and this land will never lie fallow remember all of what the wise birds know though each fall cold wind may blow come winter I’ll heat you in the driving snow let’s go up to the motherlode….
Frontier 04:32
under the last blue slice of a purple evening they climb the trail again they wander they take the long way as a host of stars begins to light the sky no end in sight no end in sight, nowhere two seagulls soar in the warm night air he walks her home along the fault line she says, “look, we can see the whole world from here it’s more than me it’s more than you kiss me like the first time wrap me in your long twine and cast me to your heart’s frontier” ​horizons there will be new horizons but tonight the islands off this coastline are blinking synchronized “tell me,” he says, “will you wait for me? on the beach near the cove where you first held me with your eyes” though they may lose these soft, long days remember love warm and true always he walks her home along the fault line….
status change slowly come over me feather harness, lift me up in this light everything curves into the bending in this light grace is a showdown in this light everyone stand and pray I am falling out of the moment receiving every message and tone sent and I think I saw the ending I saw the ending and it took my breath away ​all these chutes and ladders... is this a trial game? cast me out there on the rim and the chase is on in this light all that I know is rending in this light heaven’s a boom town in this light I want to always stay ​I am falling out of the moment…. the clouds were empty and the sun was high I sent my signal to the big wide sky they said, "if you jump you will surely fly" oh oh oh give me one more lifetime to break this chain one more heart to feel all this pain one more moment to love you, sane and in the lighting there everything changed ​in this light. . . .
I’m brave but I know I’m close to broke again it’s late in the game but I’ve still got magic to spend I don’t understand it all but I know there’s beauty in the catch and fall ​on days like these I move the chairs outside I’ve got all the green leaves in Eden with nothing left to hide yeah they can try to sell me anything but I’m only buying what time cannot divide ​maybe love is just the way you are when you look past me, so quiet and far maybe your heart outshines my galaxy with one simple, silent star ​well I measured every heavy atom between us there now I’m defending my sight lines and bracing for your uranium stare yeah you could soar like Superman and I would hold your cape tight in my two lead hands ​maybe love is just the way you are when you look past me, so quiet and far maybe your heart outshines my galaxy with one simple, silent star so I’ll keep tuning in to every frequency you play match the atmospheric pressure of all the storms you send away and some day soon you’ll find me near your distant, island shore surfacing in the breakers reaching for your golden oar maybe love is just the way you are when you look past me, so quiet and far maybe your heart outshines my galaxy with one simple, silent star
Skyline 05:14
clouds ascending wind takes the leaves in a rogue tailspin there’s a blue line ripping up the sky storm’s coming in in the cold rain, all the words we bend everything we mean, and all that we pretend when the summer’s green again and I’m long gone, away they’ll still be here for you under the ironwood so you’ll remember all that we didn’t say run⎯rounds and countdowns and hiding in the margins for another year I guess losing goes easy when you wrap the pieces of your heart like souvenirs ​in the cold rain…. and oh oh I’ll keep forgetting every word you never gave away oh oh oh until I soar back over that skyline until I soar back over that skyline some day ​in the cold rain….
Four Hands 05:52
cruel spring the teasing sun burned out again and you were there a soldier at his mountain guarding, comfortably ​rose bush sting Helvetica in white and red you came to me a temple ‘round a fountain and drank in every drop I bled ​only four hands in the world only the words we say tonight though I know you’ll never run away with me when you cross down the border again when you cross down the border again look for my light ​stranger, free ranger wrap your nomad heart around me lie me here suspended in the day you found me across the years I’ll trace a silver line back to your face never lose this memory ​only four hands… am I losing everything to try again with you? it feels like full moon fishing in a crowded lake you’re careful with what you say not careful what you do and I am waiting baby dare me, dare me, dare me dare me into love dare me into love with you ​though I know you’ll never run away with me when you cross down the border again look for my light
Open Circuit 01:52
he rolls me down again like a broken bamboo shade he comes around again when his blue shifts back to grey desiccated though the clouds are full of rain inebriated by a monsoon that never came I I I’ve heard about a place like this where every Barstow gets just one jungle kiss lead me down there lead me down there we sped through a moment in a long last escapade bargained for delayed atonement when the trip was never made suffocated by the dusty road and range stranded waiting at a lonely interchange ​I I I’ve heard about a place like this where every Barstow gets just one jungle kiss lead me down there soon soon soon before we’re just standing waves come change the phase holy liquid days and leave me to drown there leave me to drown there ​brave one, brave one your fuse breaks on the changing lines that groove the arid landscape here save some sand for the only one who can make your desert flower reappear I can still discard the embers of a tumbleweed enflamed a blaze so swift and tender could never burn me, bone nor brain soon, before we’re just standing waves oh oh oh change the phase… in this cool night rain
caught again, under me, in my bed did you think I would be easily led? what kind of arrangement would keep you on the upper side of the down an occasional traveler to this outlying town? the time had come to give away what I could not sell and you and I, for a moment there were trading well craving the deep space waiting in the shallow end of the sky Aquarian radar always scans long and high you wanted a nonstop flight well you flew through the wall right into me get your nav plan right I don’t want you to blow the landing don’t want you to blow the landing baby don’t blow the landing come on and bring her down low crash her in slow tonight ​I almost spent a hundred on this three-token game guess you were the one I ran to when I was out of shame something is broken I can hear the engine needs a tune jet me away from this cold little moon ​you wanted a nonstop flight…. now you’re circling round the bay in the morning light can’t see me waving from your altitude when the flying’s over and the ground feels right tell me that you’ll always keep this long, safe runway in your range of sight I walked you out the airfield and right up to the plane we stood there underneath the wing kissing goodbye in the rain and I may never travel far again you wanted a nonstop flight. . . .
Stray Pines 04:53
soon they’ll know about the vapor trails and the brine I stole from the sea soon they’ll guess that the treasure I lost was a trade for a skeleton key stray pines ‘round this fluid mending on the ridge up here those salt mines and that vault of seeds unending are they buried near? birds in early spring with their wings all on show scattered songs they sing only what they want me to know ​stray pines ‘round this fluid mending on the ridge up here those salt mines and that vault of seeds unending are they buried near? so I trace out on my own no more ruby red lines in the snow from me with all that I own and all that I hold dear until l take a new stranger into this steel⎯bound place I’ll wait with the wind in the stray pines way up here soon they’ll know
Quarter Moon 06:20
I’m fine you found me on Jacob’s last rung bargaining for time and space I was blue, bluer than the old wine in the deep moat around this place ​come midnight she’ll change up the rate again light us at a slower pace and every clock we set to be late again still chime chimes time that we can’t erase ​but in the quarter moon I still have half a life to love you the quarter moon she shades these 30 years away the starfield cannot hide us as we scratch, bruise and we stain but time will always miss you in the quarter moon wane ​hold on but most of all believe me when I say you’re ‘round the old dead bend and I know I’ll always have those moments we spent that lunar dividend the mourning way you sang down the sun again still heats me to a safe, warm place I knew some day you’d take to the run again restore those silver lines on your pretty face ​but in the quarter moon…. ​so close your eyes and dream us back from the light of day wander with me clear of the solar spy array as the night hawk flies apogee to zenith wise may you shine forever partial never mine ​in the quarter moon….
Treeburst 02:54
tree light, hold me up
I dreamed of Vita pale skin, jet black hair haunting that old house again she came through me like a locomotive bells ringing, steam rising up the river valley yes, I left the waves to find some slow, clean water abandoned a harbor I could no longer defend oh like fishermen on floating bridges we flow downstream with all that we cast away lines caught again on those beautiful near misses ‘til we row back up to them ‘til we row back up to them some day ​oh eucalyptus my sea-bound mountains still standing proud at every dawn I traded you for a southern cross at midnight and a rage of faith that what I lost would not be gone for long now into the dark rattling my broken armor awaiting the rumble of that runaway train ​oh like fishermen on floating bridges…. and tell me, do we bloom in winter here? do we crack up through the ice and melt the frozen shards away? do they soothe the sinners here? are the doubters welcome by the fireside on a brutal, short cold day? lines caught again on those beautiful near misses ‘til we row back up to them ‘til we row back up to them some day
Headlands 06:29
a lone bird wings through the harp that guards the headlands winter brings a sky in sharp blue monochrome over the line of the floating horizon a little plane turns to the north empyrean magnets again ​I comb the beach for rings seeking rubies finding diamonds but this treasure brings me no comfort the prism bright and cold I narrow my eyes the kaleidoscope fades down and then goes away but I’ll let them bother me with their colors again ​I am stopping here watch the waves in play as they wash another heart clear like the rocky shore greets the ocean grey I will always welcome the swells near ​so carve me like these stone cliffs engraved by the sea lines and map the only truth I know ‘til the end of my time guide me safely through the white splash down below now, through the gate I swim with the flow of the tidal return never too late to spin with the chariot wheels as they burn ​oh universe of eroding time and grace how do we love what we cannot replace? I’m changed by this but I’ll hold strong in this long trace until I climb, until I climb to meet her in that boundless place​


released January 16, 2019

All Music and Lyrics by Emily Bezar
Copyright 2019 Blue Countess Music, BMI

Produced by Emily Bezar


Emily Bezar
Voice, piano, keyboards, ‘cello on track 13

Brian Mesko
Guitar (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14)

Michael Ross
Guitar and guitar loops (track 7)

Andrew Waldeck
Electric bass (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 14)

Viktor Krauss
Acoustic bass (tracks 1, 7, 12)

Nathan Brown
Drums (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 14)

Scott Amendola
Drums (tracks 1, 7, 12)


2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 14
Recorded by Andrew Waldeck , assisted by Greg Schoenborn
at Ravensworth Studios, Scottsville, VA

1, 7 and 12
Recorded by Joe Costa , assisted by Jared Anderson
at OmniSound Studios, Nashville, TN

5, 8, 11, 13, 15
Recorded by Emily Bezar
at Grenadine Ridge, Roanoke, VA

2 and 6 Mixed by Andrew Waldeck
at Ravensworth Studios, Scottsville, VA

1, 4, 7, 9, 12 Mixed by Joe Costa
at Sound Emporium Studios, Nashville, TN

5 and 10 Mixed by Greg Abate
at Neon Audio, Lawrence, MA

8, 11 and 13 Mixed by Emily Bezar
at Grenadine Ridge, Roanoke, VA

3, 14 and 15 Mixed by Emily Bezar and Greg Abate

Mastered by Joe Lambert
at Joe Lambert Mastering, Jersey City, NJ

Photography by Christina Shook

Piano tuning and care in Roanoke, VA by David West


In memory of Marian Freed Brant, 1937–2017

Thank you to Noah Bezar, David Brant, Marian Brant, Martha Brant, Margaret New, the brilliant musicians and recording engineers who contributed their creative gifts to my songs, David West for nurturing my piano, Greg Schoenborn, Harold Thompson, Dave McDonald, Carl Landey, Leslie Landey, Holly Rose, Curtis Burchett, Amy X Neuburg, Julia Schwartz, Elizabeth Plowe Ross, James Lagueux, Damon Seale

And my warmest gratitude to my listeners, whose open ears and hearts have inspired me to stay the path on my musical odyssey for the past 25 years.


all rights reserved



Emily Bezar Roanoke, Virginia

Singer, composer and keyboardist
Emily Bezar creates intricate, uncategorizable music, drawing freely from classical, jazz, rock, pop and electronic genres to create an enchanting, dynamic sound world.

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